Extreme Security Roller Garage Door

Security is a key decision factor when customers are deciding on a new garage door. With this in mind Birkdale have designed the ultimate secure roller garage door.

This is tested to the equivalent of PR EN1630 level 4 and with our "saw-safe" design added, achieves a level 5 security rating.

Compare this with any other garage door on the market and you will see for yourself that serious security is only offered by Birkdale.


Safe and Secure

Sleep safely and soundly in the knowledge that your important possessions are kept secure by practicably the safest roller garage door available on the market.

Available In any RAL Colour

Self-locking door curtain, guides and box covers can be powder coated to match any RAL colour.

Saw-Safe TM

An extra profile fitted periodically to the interior of the door to render an attack by a grinder or a cut off saw useless. Add this option for optimum level 5 security.

Three Function Spring System

Reduces the work load on the motor, giving a smoother door operation. Provides a built-in anti-drop device.

Self-Locking Profiles in Compact Enclosure

Our unique lockdown system means no secondary locking is required. Each slat is designed to lock into the adjacent slat. Our Lock-Down door will resist attacks by serious burglars and not just the casual opportunist.
The self-locking profiles are available in size from 45mm to 80mm, offering high security to virtually any size opening.


Self-locking profile pulled from top by the motor diagram

As the motor pulls the door curtain up, weight allows the curtain to hang straight. The in-lined profiles are easily coiled by the motor.

Self-locking profile pushed up from bottom diagram

Should the door be lifted from the bottom it would result in the intermediate profile (red piece) locking into the guides. Further movement, is prevented, thus keeping the door secure.


Lock-Down Presentation Video

Main Advantages

Fixing Method

Roller Door can be fitted internally or externally face fixed or in between the aperture.

*Full Box required for external fitting. 

Level 4 Security

Most garage doors have a significantly lower security rating, ask your supplier for the rating they are providing, with 1 being low and 5 high. 

Space saving

Gain extra storage space inside your garage and in many cases extra drive through space.

Standard Features

2 Handsets as Standard

Two remote controls are supplied as standard.

3 function spring system

This reduces the work load on the motor, gives a smoother  door operation, and provides a built in anti drop device.


Our shutters are  made of  aluminium. Unlike steel  this will not rust and looks much more attractive.

Full Box (Standard with 55)
Mark 1 Control Box
Powdercoating Finish

White or Brown as standard. Includes matching box and guides.

Extra Options

Battery Backup

Add the Battery Backup and never worry about power failure again, no pulling on awkward cables to release the door or winding a crank handle. Just carry on using it as normal and wait for power to return.

Courtesy Light (DMS only)

The Courtesy light gives you a few minutes light when the door is operated. Separate control unit includes an integrated light and push button for convenient door opening.


Door Monitor System

A device which fastens on the door and senses when obstruction is made. Wireless and easy to use.

Finger Print Scanner

Open your garage door without any key or access card with a fingerprint scanner. The user always has an unmistakable access authorisation.

Hood Lock

A lockable cover for externally fitted roller doors and roller shutters to secure the manual override.


The Key Pad is for access without the need to carry hand transmitters.  

Through Wall Drive

To be used in the event of power failure a lockable through wall drive, for garages with no other entrance.

Box Option

Full Box

Full Box prevents accidental finger entrapment  and finishes  the roller shutter off  nicely. This comes finished in white and can be powder coated any other colour as an optional extra.

Full Box with Strengthener


Extra 2 channel remote

2 Channel Remote This will enable you to operate up to two doors from one handset.

Extra 4 channel remote

4 Channel Remote will enable you to operate up to four doors from one handset.

Available Finishes

Browse through our selection of available finishes. To view a finish larger, select the finish and it will appear in a larger form.

White smooth
White smooth
Special RAL Extra
White smooth

Colours are a representation only, please ask for actual samples.